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Steel Ends

Quick and Convenient.

Increase your sales by converting from sanitary ends to consumer-friendly convenience closures.

Sonoco's end and closures are used in every corner of the world.

Increase your sales by converting from sanitary ends to consumer-friendly convenience closures.

Your product will grab your customer's attention and they will be rewarded with an easy-to-use package. Repeat sales will grow as customers appreciate the safety and convenience your Sonoco steel end provides.

Your options include full-panel pull-out (FPPO), beverage ends, and stay on tab (SOT) ends.

Steel Full-Panel, Pull-Out (FPPO) Ends

Converting from sanitary ends to Sonoco steel full-panel, pull-out ends increases consumer convenience and provides you the opportunity to boost sales and market share. Available in tinplate or TFS, our FPPOs are offered in a wide range of coatings to protect your product and increase your profits. Lithography and embossing can be used to reinforce your brand identity.

  • 211/65mm
  • 211 DCS/65mm
  • 300/73mm
  • 301/74mm
  • 303/78mm
  • 307/83mm *Also available in aluminum
  • 401/99 mm
  • 401/99mm (Safe Ledge) – not processable
  • Double-reduced steel in select diameters.

Steel Beverage Ends

Style, design and increased branding for your product are just some of the benefits Sonoco's steel beverage ends can deliver. Engineered specifically for metal or plastic containers, our steel beverage ends are fully processable and are available in four diameters:

  • 202/52mm
  • 207/56mm
  • 209/63mm
  • 211/65mm
  • 300/73mm

Steel Stay-on-Tab (SOT) Ends

Always-in-a-rush consumers expect a fast pour without dripping or splashing. Our steel stay-on-tab for liquid applications delivers a no-mess pour you can count on. You'll be glad to know they are fully processable, print-friendly and available in three diameters:

  • 211/65mm
  • 307/83mm

Effortless™ Ends

Sonoco’s Effortless easy-open ends eliminate the need for a can opener and require 60 percent less effort to open than competitors’ easy-open ends. They are also available with colored tabs.
In head-to-head competition, consumers chose Sonoco’s Effortless ends over competitors' two-thirds of the time.

  • Optimized opening
  • Improved finger access
  • Colored tabs

Sonoco is proud to meet the needs of consumers as we offer a variety of non-BPA options in this product line.