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Legs to Stand On

When a pallet can be bought from a variety of other suppliers, why consider Sonoco?

You need the right pallet solution for your specific needs and challenges. With a range of options, including corrugated pallets and rugged, returnable plastic pallets, we will design, specify and deliver the correct pallet for your need.

Our experience in protective packaging and commitment to sustainability led us to investigate cleaner and more effective ways to transport a wide variety of products. Our Firmabrand line of pallets is designed to overcome the drawbacks of using conventional pallets for the storage and transportation of goods.

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FirmaLoad® Bulk Bag Pallets

Sonoco offers you an ISPM 15-exempt pallet that is ideal for overseas shipments. FirmaLoad bulk bag pallets are 100% recyclable at the end of their lifecycle and are designed to make your bulk bags stand tall and straight while being stored. Learn More

FirmaCore® Lightweight Pallets

FirmaCore pallets are made from spiral-wound tubes that are bonded to corrugated paperboard. This recyclable design approach makes them easy to customize to meet your performance, size and handling needs, while costing less than their wooden counterparts. Learn More

FirmaMax® Plastic Pallets

FirmaMax pallets are made from recycled plastic and come in more than 100 different configurations. Designs range from low-cost one-way pallets to highly durable and reusable pallet pool options. Learn More