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FirmaLoad® Bulk Bag Pallets

Pallets with Power

Make transit and storage of your bulk bags cleaner, easier and more stable.

Bulk bags present unique storage and transportation challenges.

Protruding nail heads and sharp wood splinters in conventional wooden pallets can cause rips and spill product, undermining your reputation at customers’ receiving docks. Unlike FirmaLoad bulk bag pallets, wood pallets are simply not clean, green, nor freight-smart enough to help your company compete.

Sonoco is a proud member of the FIBCA and our pallets pair well with bulk bags.

Sonoco offers you a 100% recyclable and ISPM 15-exempt recyclable pallet. New FirmaLoad bulk bag sustainable pallets are 100% recyclable at the end of their life cycle and are designed to make your bulk product stand tall and straight while being stored and shipped.

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