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Paper and Adhesives

Engineered for quality and performance

We manufacture highly engineered tubes and cores, specialized paper structures and high-performance adhesives using the toughest quality and performance testing in the industry. Our product portfolio includes 100% recycled and 100% recyclable solutions: lightweight tissue and towel core-stock, core-board, separator sheets for pallet pack-out, folding cartons, can-board, floor liner, drum liner, engineered grades used for protective packaging and many other custom solutions.

Paper (Containerboard and URB)

In an industry where the margin for error in production and product performance is extremely tight, we understand you can’t afford to sacrifice quality, reliability, flexibility or efficiency. Learn more about Sonoco's paper offerings in containerboard and uncoated recycled board (URB), including our signature EcoTect® and FlatStack® lines. Learn More

Custom Adhesives

Sonoco offers custom formulation of specialized adhesives, including water-based polymer, PVOH and dextrin. Learn More

Tubes and Cores

Manufacturing tubes and cores for more than 115 years, Sonoco experts are available to assist with designing the best product for use in a wide variety of applications. Learn More

EcoTect® Tan Bending Chip

Made from 100 percent recycled fibers, EcoTect® tan bending chip is an innovative, smooth, two-sided sustainable packaging solution. Learn More

FlatStack® Recycled Chipboard Sheets

Cost-effectively protect your products from pallet damage, dust and dirt. Rest easy knowing we have the infrastructure in place to get your order to you on time and where you need it. Learn More

Sonoco Paperboard Specialties

Sonoco Paperboard Specialties uses Sonoco's paperboard to produce paper amenities including StanCap® glass covers and Rixie™ coasters. Learn More