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FlatStack Ultralight

A value tier sheet you can depend on.

As a value-priced alternative to lightweight gypsum and paperboard sheets, FlatStack Ultralight® delivers exceptional performance, consistency in quality, and security of supply. When you use FlatStack Ultralight, you’ll know that you can get the quality tier sheet you need, when you need it – for a value price. 

FlatStack Ultralight is offered in 10-18pt calipers.

Protect your products by using FlatStack sheets as:

  • Top covers on pallets
  • Liners on pallets
  • Tier sheets between product layers to improve pallet cube integrity


  • Engineered for consistent performance on automated palletizers 
  • Designed specifically for this application
  • In-house design and testing capabilities offered

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About Sonoco Paper

Sonoco Paper manufactures highly engineered tubes and cores, specialized paper structures and high-performance adhesives using the toughest quality and performance testing in the industry. It operates 19 mills globally with a total annual capacity of 1.8 million tons.