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Developing innovative solutions to food industry challenges

Sonoco works with several food industry giants to provide innovative solutions to the industry's unique challenges. Our foundational invention is the Accu-Salt salt dispenser, which seasons fries and other food evenly, every time. In the near future, we'll roll out additional innovations -- Stay tuned.

Accu-Salt® Salt Dispenser

Nothing makes your french fries or other fried products taste better than the proper amount of salt. Up to this point, there was no way to control the exact amount of salt dispensed during food prep. Now, you can have total control with the Accu-Salt salt dispenser.

The Accu-Salt dispenser will only let you apply the right amount of salt the first time - and every time. All you have to do is turn the shaker over the fries or fried product and it will dispense the same amount of salt each use, making for a tasty and consistently-seasoned product.

The Accu-Salt salt dispenser:
  • Disperses the salt in a perfect pattern so all of your product is salted evenly and quickly
  • Is available in a variety of exact dosages from 2 grams to 6.5 grams and can be switched to a new dosage as needed by changing out one color-coded piece
  • Holds 60-80 shots of salt depending on the type of salt and selected dispensing level
  • Provides easy usage and accurate dispensing
  • Lasts for many years


To load the Accu-Salt dispenser, remove the cover and fill the internal cup with salt. Then screw the cover on tight and set the dispenser down. It is now ready to use.

To use, simply hold the Accu-Salt dispenser 4-8 inches above the items to be salted and invert it. The salt pattern will dispense evenly and will stop automatically when the preset dosage has been dispensed.

The dispenser reloads automatically when set down after use.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance is easy with no moving parts to wear out or replace. The dispenser simply needs to be dismantled, washed and dried thoroughly.

We recommend hand washing with mild detergent and leaving in the dish drain overnight to air dry. Be sure to dry it completely, since salt absorbs moisture and can start to clog if it becomes damp.

Please call 518-392-1700 or contact your food service distributor to order.

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