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EcoReel® Recycling Program

What Goes Around, Comes Back Around.

The EcoReel® Program provides measurable savings in disposal costs and resource utilization.

Since 1991, Sonoco has been recycling reels. Sonoco’s EcoReel recycling program is the most comprehensive, cost-effective nailed wood reel recycling program in the industry and is the only national provider of reel recycling services.

Collecting used reels from utility companies, contractors and distributors, we repair and refurbish them and then return them for reuse. Flexibility in program design is a key success factor, so we collaborate with you to ensure success. And if you need details of how many trees and how much landfill space has been saved, we can provide a thorough environmental analysis to use in marketing and sales efforts.

Did You Know?

In one 5-year period Sonoco received nearly 2 billion pounds of reels for recycling, not only saving end users more than $36 million in disposal costs, but also 300,000 trees in the process.

The EcoReel Recycling Program:

  • Makes reel recycling effortless with a customized EcoReel program designed to meet your specific needs
  • Creates a savings for the cost of disposal and landfill fees
  • Helps you generate regular reports detailing the environmental impact of your program participation

For customer service in the U.S., call
888/ECO-REEL (326-7335).
Outside the U.S.: 256/751-1092. 

For more information, download the EcoReel recycling program brochure