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Drawing, Bunching, and Stranding Reels

A lightweight, sturdy alternative to steel reels at one-third the cost and weight, Sonoco molded plastic drawing, bunching and stranding reels allow 12% more wire to be shipped.

The 18", 22" and 30" flange diameter reels are available with several traverses. Sonoco plastic reels are also reusable and recyclable.

  • Only one-third the weight of a steel reel
  • Allows over 12% more product to be shipped per load
  • Lower freight costs when returning empty reels
  • Easier to handle
Less expensive
  • As little as one-third the cost of a comparable steel reel
  • Lowers reel cost
  • Reduces amount of reel deposit
Designed for trouble-free fly off
  • Generous inside flange radius
  • Optimum flange diameter to barrel diameter ratio
  • Does not rust
  • Requires less maintenance

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