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Reel Tough Plastic Reels

Sonoco's patented Reel Tough® plastic reels provide an ideal combination of stiffness and impact resistance with superb balance and light weight.

This innovative product line features the Reel Tough DIN 630 reel, made specifically for 630 bunchers.
The reel's design allows wire producers to maximize drawing and bunching machine capacity with smooth, trouble-free payoff. Constructed of high strength, solid polymers, Reel Tough reels feature a unique design that adds strength where it's needed most--at the flange rim and where the ribs and hub intersect. Reel Tough reels are also available in 22" and 30" sizes with bore sizes of 2-1/4", 2-1/2" or 5". A steel rim protector is also available on the 30" reel. The protector increases reuse by reducing wear and damage to the rims.
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