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Taper Reels

Sonoco injection molded plastic taper reels feature smooth plastic flanges that assist in high-speed de-reeling, minimizing flange deflection and reducing the possibility of trapped wire.

The three-piece bolted construction enhances the possibility of reuse since damaged components can be replaced. All reel components are recyclable, providing savings and sustainable benefits.

Additional features include starting and finishing holes in the flanges along with Dura-Grip barrel finish to prevent movement of the initial layer of wire on the tapered barrel.

50 lb. and 100 lb. taper reels
These reels are popular packages for shipping of medium- to fine-gauge magnet wire as well as other copper and plated copper conductors. The tapered barrel feature prevents wire tangling caused by quick starts and stops in de-reeling. These reels provide the same outstanding advantages related to winding and de-reeling of wire as the larger taper reels. Reels are molded in standard high-impact styrene and ABS. Optional Dura-Grip finish can be applied to the barrel to hold initial startup wire in place.
250 lb., 500 lb., 550 lb., 750 lb. and 1,000 lb. taper reels
The carrying capacity of the 250-, 500-, 550-, 750- and 1,000-pound taper reels combined with excellent winding and de-reeling properties offer the wire industry a superior approach to modern packaging.
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