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Polyfiber Reels

Ready to Roll When You Are.

A broad product line of reels that enables our customers to avoid costly custom reels.

Developing custom reels can be expensive. With our wide selection of polyfiber reels, we offer a variety of developed solutions, which can save you the time and expense of molds and tooling. To learn more, contact our customer service at 800-633-3962 (U.S.) or 256-751-1092 (outside the U.S.).

About our polyfiber composite reels

Our innovative polyfiber composite reels provide smooth inside flanges and improved weather resistance. The flanges are made of a recycled plastic composite, returnable and recyclable, with diameter sizes of 30” (762 mm), 32” (813 mm), 35” (889 mm), 42” (1069 mm), 45” (1143 mm) and 50” (1270 mm).



  • Flanges are compression molded
  • Recycled thermoplastics with wood fiber enforcement
  • Fiber or wood drum options
  • 35” reels available with built-in-pallet feature (Learn more from our video!)


User benefits:


  • No splinters, sharp edges or nails that can damage wire and cable sheathing
  • Resists the elements better to provide longer usage period
  • Lighter weight than steel or wood
  • Smooth payoff eases installation


Our polyfiber reels are ideal for:


  • Telecommunications (wired, wireless, satellite and CATV)
  • Commercial and industrial buildings
  • Elevator cables
  • Infrastructure (wire rope, cable and conduit)
  • Power transmission, control and distribution
  • And much more!


New product

Watch a video about our newest product: a 35-inch polyfiber reel with built-in pallet.

Polyfiber Reels