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Steel Reels

Flexing to Meet Your Needs.

Delivering the strength and durability of steel for shipping, heavy-duty processing, and wire and cable applications.

When you need the strength and durability of a steel reel, Sonoco has the product for you.

Whether you need a tubular reel for lightweight shipping of pipe or conduit, a custom-designed process reel for take-up and take-off solutions in heavy-duty processing industries, or a corrugated steel reusable design for wire and cable applications, our line of steel reels is tailored to satisfy your unique needs.

For customer service, call 800-633-3962 (U.S.) or 256-751-1092 (outside the U.S.). For more information, download a brochure with details on the Sonoco steel reel portfolio.

Tubular steel reels

Our lightweight shipping reels are ideal for pipe and conduit applications. Flanges are detachable and refurbishable, with diameters ranging from 42” (1067mm) or larger.

  • Durable tubular steel flanges and drum
  • Sturdy locking pins on modular, knock-down designs secure detachable flange
Ideal for:
  • Infrastructure (wire rope, cable and conduit)
  • Oil, gas and marine
  • Coil spear
  • Coil storage rack
  • Coil cradle

Corrugated steel reels

Industry leading corrugated steel reels, with a reusable design for heavy-duty wire and cable applications. Flanges with diameters ranging from 30” to 160” (762 mm to 4064 mm). We no longer offer the service of returning and refurbishing steel reels.

  • Rims of flat bar or I-beam
  • Fabricated from commercial quality hot-rolled steel sheet and bar
  • Finished with an environmentally safe, high-pressure hot phosphate wash
Process options:
  • X-bracing inside drum
  • Continuous hub
  • Back plates on cross members
  • Extra heavy-duty construction for in-process use
Ideal for:
  • Power transmission, control and distribution
  • Telecommunications (wired, wireless, satellite and CATV)
  • Oil, gas and marine
  • Infrastructure (wire rope, cable and conduit)
  • Elevator cables