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Rigid Paper Containers

A long life for your product and your brand.

Round and shaped rigid paper packaging made with multiple materials offers your company cost advantages, supports sustainability goals and adds shelf appeal and performance benefits.

Well-designed packaging is a brand manager’s greatest tool to engage with the overwhelmed consumer. Packaging should be more than just a container for your product. It should work hard at every stage of the product life-cycle: engaging shoppers, inspiring purchases, protecting the product and serving the end user.

You want packaging that gets attention on crowded shelves.

The retail market today is more challenging than ever before. With more than 47,000 products in the average supermarket, companies must continuously discover novel ways to get shoppers to notice their products. Rigid paper containers can be manufactured in almost any shape or size: tall and skinny, short and broad, or wide-mouthed like a coffee can, easily meeting your specific requirements.

You want customers to have a positive brand experience and become repeat buyers.

Consumers who have a positive interaction with a product at home are more likely to buy that brand again. Factors like resealability, ease of opening and being lightweight can all be a factor in whether the customer becomes a repeat buyer.

You need packaging that protects your contents and keeps food fresh.

Great-looking packaging alone won’t win repeat buyers. We evaluated performance and determined that rigid paper containers excel at providing physical protection for delicate foods and maintaining freshness, both before and after the container is opened.

…and you want your packaging to be cost-efficient, lightweight and environmentally responsible. So how do you manage all of these competing needs? You need a partner with packaging expertise who understands the market challenges.

Markets Served

Learn more about our offerings in:

Adhesives and Sealants
Infants and Toddlers 
Seasonings & Spices Snacks 

Other market segments include cereal, inks, cleaners, nutritional supplements, household chemicals, confectionery and gum, pet foods, tobacco, health and beauty, wine and spirits, horticulture, cosmetics, refrigerated dough, snacks and nuts, gift packages, frozen concentrates, spices and seasonings, cookies and crackers, and paint colorants.

Sizes, Heights and Diameters

The possibilities are limitless when you choose a rigid paper container manufactured by Sonoco. We deliver a completely customizable package so your product will stand out. A variety of sizes in height and diameter allows your brand to have a demanding presence on the retail shelf. Our container heights and diameters are easily adaptable to fit special usage occasions or retail space considerations, costing little change-over time.

Customized features

Why settle for less than perfect? In addition to the sizing variations that come standard when choosing a rigid paper container solution, Sonoco offers multiple material options to tailor the can to your specific marketing goals. For instance, you might be interested in our EcoSeal™ paper bottom technology, an alternative to the standard metal bottom with customizable closure options. Or, our recessed membrane provides a low-material membrane for a non-hermetic product application that can be paired with either a resealable lid or a plug-in cap. Contact us to learn more.


Thinking about how a Rigid Paperboard Container could change your business? Try our Paperboard Container Concept Center to get a better idea of the container and options that are right for your market.

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Rigid Paper Containers

Numerous applications. Multiple names. Those include:

  • Composite can
  • Paperboard container
  • Paper canister
Success Stories

If you're interested in seeing how Sonoco can work with you, read case studies highlighting our work with clients:

Gialousis gourmet hot chocolate mix
Tribe Hummus
Pooch & Mutt
Shmoo Beverages
Flexible Shaker Top
Registered Membranes

Consumer Insights
  • “It is easy to open, stacks well in cupboards, and keeps food fresh. Also, if I drop the package, it stays closed.”
  • “When transporting food items from the market, I can trust that the food won't be damaged. It is resealable so i don't have to worry about repackaging after opening. I believe it stays fresh longer.”
  • “For snack items, I think it's convenient and a reliable form of packaging.”
  • “I would choose this type of packaging, because I love that it is in a container that reseals the food for me, so I don't have to find another container or bag for the food inside. Really convenient.”
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