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Temperature Assurance

Safety First

Sonoco Thermosafe packaging adheres to strict guidelines to maintain the integrity and safety of temperature-sensitive food products, medical supplies and pharmaceuticals.

Sonoco ThermoSafe packaging is the leading provider of trusted temperature assurance solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical and food industries.

Sonoco ThermoSafe provides the largest selection of packaging components and the most comprehensive thermal engineering and testing services available. Our temperature assurance packaging keeps your most valuable and sensitive products within a safe temperature range during transit.

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**In order to gain a deeper understanding of the rapidly evolving packaging and logistics market for the transport of temperature-sensitive products, Sonoco ThermoSafe sponsored and managed a 26-question survey during the spring and summer of 2014. To learn what they found, watch the video.

Sustainability, simplified.

With our unique Greenbox™ system, Sonoco ThermoSafe created the next generation of temperature assurance shipping products: a reusable, biodegradable, fully sustainable thermal management system. Greenbox™ features a simple packing protocol and improved payload efficiency due to our revolutionary bio-based phase change materials that are non-hazardous, 100 percent renewable and environmentally-friendly.

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Markets Served


Temperature-sensitive medicine, like insulin, must be kept cool to remain effective. Sonoco ThermoSafe offers protective packaging that has been specially engineered for storing and transporting fragile pharmaceuticals.

Clinical Diagnostics

Medical diagnostics such as blood tests may be compromised if they aren’t kept below a temperature threshold. Sonoco ThermoSafe offers packaging solutions designed for processing bulk loads of bio-substances and performing clinical trials.


Temperature assurance packaging ensures the integrity of research materials when you are working with volatile biological cultures. Our storage containers are ideal for maintaining dry ice quality in the lab or storing frozen specimen samples.


Keeping food items cold or hot in transit is critical to food safety and integrity. Sonoco ThermoSafe offers the largest selection of temperature assurance solutions for preserving food items at any temperature.