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360° Customized Solutions

Today’s retail market is more challenging than ever.

Over the past 29 years, the average supermarket has gone from carrying 9,000 products to nearly 47,000. Additionally, the average consumer in the United States is exposed to over 1,000 advertising messages and impressions each day. Despite the thousands of messages and products to choose from, the average shopper only purchases 0.7 percent of available UPCs in the supermarket over an entire year of shopping.

A well-designed, customer-focused solution is the greatest tool to engage with the overwhelmed consumer.

The work we've done for our customers to research and develop business solutions isn't by accident – it’s part of our approach to solving our customers’ biggest challenges. We aim to connect insights to innovation, developing 360º Customized Solutions that are tailored to the customer’s goals and objectives. This holistic approach has proven itself successful, solving unique business challenges in the markets below.
Pet Food
Fresh & Natural

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i6 Innovation Process™

Our philosophy is packaging-neutral. We understand that innovation occurs daily, not in a day. We also believe that you can harness the power of process in the service of innovation, which is why we have formalized a repeatable, scalable process we call our i6 Innovation Process™. This disciplined, six-step approach uses insights as a foundation, and then marries technical capabilities to a broad portfolio of services and packaging options to develop 360° Customized Solutions for our customers.
Six-step Approach
We start by defining our customer's goals and objectives, then go through each of the six steps below:
  1. Insights: We gather market and consumer insights using research tools like focus groups, online panels and in-home studies.
  2. Ideation: Using these consumer behavior insights, we invite packaging engineers, marketing gurus and designers to participate in cross-discipline brainstorming. This helps us develop a suite of ideas and approaches to evaluate.
  3. Invention: We test the most promising ideas. At this phase we are able to utilize our rapid-prototyping capabilities, our packaging and material science labs, and our pilot plant to conduct manufacturing test runs.
  4. Integration: We determine how to best incorporate the solution from an operational perspective, where we consider things like process development, manufacturing, designing for sustainability, and graphics management.
  5. Interaction: Here we may conduct testing in a retail environment, evaluate in-store marketing programs, or conduct eye-tracking studies to determine graphics and design appeal.
  6. Iteration: In the last step of our process, we'll evaluate product, promotion and package performance. We will also look at supply chain integration, as well as things like manufacturing performance systems and recycling.
At the end of the i6 Innovation Process™, we're able to reveal 360º Customized Solutions that positively impact our customer's business.