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Paperboard Containers

Offering consumers convenience and offering brands security.

Sonoco Asia specializes in paperboard containers, with proven experience in the snacks, chips and nuts markets. Our containers will keep your product fresh and protected, while standing out to consumers amid crowded store shelves.

Benefits for consumers

Well-designed packaging is a brand manager’s greatest tool to engage the overwhelmed consumer. The paperboard container addresses many of the top factors that influence a consumer’s purchase decision, such as:

  • Resealability
  • Convenient storage
  • Ease of opening 

Benefits for brands

Paperboard containers also excel at providing physical protection for delicate foods and maintaining freshness, both before and after the container is opened.

To further benefit your brand as well as your product, our paperboard container can be manufactured in almost any shape or size: tall and skinny, short and broad, or wide-mouthed like a coffee can, easily meeting your specific requirements across various markets and through numerous promotions or size changes. Watch the video below to see how the can is made.

Watch Video

To complete your packaging solution and further customize the can, we offer a variety of functional and specialty closures. Learn more about Sonoco’s closures offerings.

Finally, our in-house graphics management services ensure your brand messaging and visual identity remain consistent across containers and across the globe.


Key markets served in Asia with our paperboard containers include, but are not limited to:

  • Snacks (chips and nuts)
  • Powdered infant formula
  • Nutritional beverages/powders
  • Dried fruits
  • Salt


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