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Our Commitments and Progress

A world of opportunity

Sonoco is committed to creating long-term value for its stakeholders by becoming a more sustainable and responsible corporate citizen.

Business Strength and Shareholder Performance
  • We achieved strong sales in 2015 at close to $5 billion. In addition, we achieved record gross profits and base earnings grew to an all-time high. 
  • S&P rates Sonoco’s debt at BBB+, one of the strongest ratings in the Packaging sector. 
  • Sonoco has paid cash dividends for 90 consecutive years, dating back to 1925, and increased dividends for 33 consecutive years.
  • Sonoco's current dividend yield is one of the highest in the Packaging sector and is approximately 50% higher than the S&P 500.
Contributing to Our Communities 
  • The Sonoco Foundation contributed nearly $3.0 million to nonprofit organizations supporting education, health and welfare, environmental, cultural and civic causes.
  • Nearly 80% of these funds supported education.
  • We provided $205,000 in college scholarships to family members of our employees and our community.
  • We provided $95,000 in global disaster relief to assist victims through the American Red Cross.
  • Our volunteers raised $8,000 for Habitat for Humanity through the proceeds of our third annual 5K run. 
Reducing Our Impact on the Environment
  • We have reduced total greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) by 1.2% and normalized emissions (CO2e) by 28% since 2009. 
  • We have reduced total water usage by 28% and reduced normalized water usage by 48% since 2009. 
  • 10% of Sonoco’s global manufacturing operations have achieved 95%+ diversion of wastes to landfill. 
  • Sonoco Recycling recovered the equivalent by weight of more than 60% of the product Sonoco places into the marketplace.
Using 2014 as our new baseline, our commitment through 2020 is to: 
  • Reduce normalized global energy usage by 1% annually, which we believe will result in a further 1% reduction in GHG emissions (or reducing GHG emissions by 5% through 2020). 
  • Reduce normalized water usage by 5% through 2020. 
  • Achieve Sonoco Sustainability Star award status at an additional 10% of the Company’s operations by significantly diverting landfill wastes. Also, continue working with our customers to demonstrate total landfill diversion from their operations in North America and Europe. 
  • Demonstrate further improvement in employee safety, diversity and engagement. 

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    Principles, People and Progress

    Sonoco was founded in 1899 on the belief that People Build Businesses. We value our people and are committed to giving them every opportunity to use their talent, skills, passion and creativity to grow themselves, their careers and our Company.

    People Build Businesses
    • Our employees rated Sonoco a 78% positive engagement score. 
    • Our turnover rate remains low at 16%, and we retained 98% of exceptional and promotable talent. 
    • AON Hewitt ranked Sonoco one of the top 25 global companies for leaders six consecutive times.

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