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Corporate Sustainability Council

Our Corporate Sustainability Council provides oversight, guidance, and direction on social, community, and environmental issues that impact the reputation and economic viability of the company and our stakeholders. The council meets quarterly and reports to and is sponsored by Sonoco’s president and CEO. The council reports on Sonoco’s sustainability activities, biannually, to the Board of Directors.

Learn more about Sonoco's materiality process regarding economic, environmental and social issues.


• Identify and define those issues that are relevant to Sonoco's long-term sustainability and image as a good corporate citizen
• Establish meaningful long- and short-term sustainability objectives related to key areas of focus and provide Sonoco's executive committee with recommendations and guidance on how to meet those objectives
• Recommend and establish new Company guidelines, policies and processes to support areas of focus
• Create and communicate a business case for corporate sustainability
• Provide recommendations for the Company's philanthropic efforts in support of overall corporate sustainability objectives

Sustainability Council

Howard Coker, President and Chief Executive Officer – Sponsor
Roger Schrum, Corporate Vice President, Investor Relations and Corporate Affairs – Committee Chair 
Julie Albrecht, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Elizabeth Rhue, Staff Vice President, Global Sustainability
Susan Albritton, U.S. Field Manager Recycling
Scott Byrne, Assistant Director, Global Sustainability
Steve Charles, Director, Strategic Sourcing
John Florence, Vice President, Human Resources, General Counsel and Secretary
Rodger Fuller, Executive Vice President, Global Industrial and Consumer
Russell Grissett, Division Vice President and General Manager, Global Flexibles
James Harrell, Vice President, Americas Industrial
Edward Harrington, Director, Environmental Services
Ernest Haynes, Division Vice President and General Manager Rigid Paper and Closures NA
Elizabeth Kremer, Assistant Secretary and Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator
Jim Lassiter, Division Vice President, Healthcare and Protective Solutions
Greg Munoz, Staff Vice President, Global Supply Management and Logistics
Rolfe Olsen, Segment Vice President, Global Plastics: Frozen and Prepared Foods
Jeffrey Schuetz, Staff Vice President, Global Technology, Consumer 
Palace Stepps, Division Vice President and General Manager Sonoco Recycling
Marcy Thompson, Vice President, Marketing and Innovation
Jeffrey Tomaszewski, Vice President, NA Consumer and Global Rigid Paper and Closures
Garrin Traill, Director, Internal Audit

Board of Directors Employee and Public Responsibility Committee

The Employee and Public Responsibility Committee of the Board of Directors provides oversight and guidance on social and public policy issues, including compliance with governmental or other regulatory requirements, which may impact business performance and the investment potential of Sonoco. Learn more about the Employee and Public Responsibility Committee. 

Board Members

Dr. Pamela L. Davies – Chair 
Theresa J. Drew
Philippe Guillemot
Eleni Istavridis
Blythe J. McGarvie
Sundaram  Nagarajan
Lloyd M. Yates