Expense Policy

  • Travelers should use their company authorized corporate credit card to make all travel-related purchases. Sonoco will reimburse for essential business purchases made with cash for things like cabs, buses, tips, etc. But, you will not be reimbursed for these expenses until you process your expense report and receive your next paycheck.
  • Use of a personal credit card for business purposes and use of the company credit card for personal expenses is prohibited.
  • For a copy of the complete policy for the U.S. and Canada, visit Sonoco Travel Expense Policy.
  • Travelers may obtain a business-use credit card via ISSR: https://issr.sonoco.com/. All travel expenses must be regularly reconciled using Chrome River within 30 days of incurring the expense.Find tips, training and more here: Chrome River Information SharePoint Site.
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Duty of Care

  • The Duty of Care program ensures Sonoco is aware of where you are traveling so assistance can be provided in the event of unfavorable circumstances.
  • When you use Concur or Carlson Wagonlit to book travel, your travel itinerary is uploaded to our Duty of Care provider – ISOS.
  • If you are attending a conference, customer or supplier visit and must book your travel outside of Concur or Carlson Wagonlit, you are required to forward your itinerary to plans@mycwt.com.
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Travel Agency

  • The only approved travel agency is Carlson Wagonlit
  • For all domestic trips and simple international trips, use Concur, to book travel. Access the booking tool here: Concur CWT Online Booking Tool. Use Concur to book car, hotel and air unless you are attending a conference or a customer or supplier event where hotel accommodations are already set. In those rare cases, book your air and car via Concur and your hotel outside of the tool. Send hotel arrangements to plans@mycwt.com.
  • Also find helpful training tools in the Concur travel portal. If you have a complicated domestic trip and/or for most international trips, call 615-690-2363 or 800-643-1204 (U.S.) OR 866-742-3338 (Canada) to reach an agent.

Air Travel

  • Book the lowest airfare you can, consistent with your travel needs. Non-stop tickets are typically preferred due to time savings and more accurate arrival times. However, if a one-stop ticket saves $200 or more, compared to a non-stop ticket, and the one-stop ticket does not add more than two hours to the trip, then the one-stop ticket should be purchased.
  • You may book with a non-preferred airline if the cost of the ticket is at least $100 less than a preferred airline.
  • Travelers who have premium status with non-preferred carriers can get similar status with preferred carriers. Contact trip@sonoco.com.
  • Travelers must use coach/economy class seating for all trips except those that have a segment over 10 hours in length and/or are transpacific. For a transpacific trip, travelers are authorized to use business class if approved by their General Manager/VP.
  • Paying extra for upgraded seat assignments for trips less than three hours, or for more than one piece of luggage, unless taking business tools, is not allowed.

Rental Cars vs Uber vs Personal Car Usage

  • Hertz is the Sonoco preferred rental car company. Travelers should use Hertz unless Hertz is not available. UseEnterprise/National only if Hertz is not available. (If a traveler is in an accident, Hertz takes care of most of the paperwork, saving time). Use of other rental car companies, even if priced lower, is not allowed.
  • Travelers should use midsize/intermediate size or smaller vehicles unless there are multiple passengers.
  • Fill up the car with fuel before you return it to Hertz.
  • Do not accept travel insurance if driving with Hertz. Instead, obtain Hertz #1 Gold Status when booking. 
  • When to use your personal car, rental car or Uber.
    • Use a rental car if traveling more than 100 miles/day
    • You can use your personal car if the mileage per day is less than 100 miles. You will be reimbursed at the government rate. You will not be reimbursed for any gas you buy for your personal car. In the event of an accident in your personal car for business use, you will be reimbursed up to $500 towards the deductible on your personal car insurance. You will not be reimbursed for theft of personal items left in the car.
    • In most cases if you are flying into and spending time in a major city, using Uber will save money.


  • Sonoco has established standards for which hotels are approved, including cleanliness, pricing and amenities. Preferred hotel information is located within Concur or via the travel agency. Hilton and Holiday Inn are predominately used, along with a number of other hotels where associates travel frequently.
  • Book hotel reservations via Concur or the travel agency, unless attending a conference or a customer or supplier visit with a better hotel rate. When booking a hotel outside of Concur or Carlson Wagonlit, forward hotel itinerary to Plans@mycwt.com.

Meal Spend

  • The meal spend cap is $65/day (U.S.) and $90/day (CAD) for business trips – not including customer meals, supplier meals, conference meals and meals with five employees or more. The spend cap includes all meals, snacks, taxes and tips for a given day.
  • If you are traveling with a group of five or less Sonoco employees, each person should pay separately for their own meal.

Important General Information


Travel Card PIN Information

You may access your travel card PIN number via the Online PIN Check & Global Card Alerts website. Please see the Online PIN Check & Global Card Alerts Reference Guide for information on your Sonoco Travel Card PIN and how to use the online PIN check website. Your verification ID is a 9-digit number consisting of 100 followed by your 6-digit employee ID.

Personal Car Mileage Limitation

While you can be reimbursed for using your own vehicle for business use (per the guidelines covered previously), the reimbursement is limited each calendar year to 15k miles (U.S.), 22k kilometers (CAD).

Can you use Sonoco travel discounts for personal use?

Generally the answer is “yes,” although there are some exceptions. Sonoco’s traveler insurance with Hertz for business travel does not apply for personal travel, so you can get the Hertz rate but would need to add your own insurance coverage. You can use the travel agency to book a trip, using our airline discounts, but you will have to provide a personal credit card to pay the transaction and ticket costs. Hilton hotel properties are one hotel group that does allow their hotel rates for personal use. Some IHG/Holiday Inn properties also may. Contact the specific hotel to verify.

Saturday Night Stay

In the course of normal business travel when you have a desire to fly to location early or stay longer, you may be reimbursed for extra hotel, rental car and meal costs if the total extra cost is less than the reduced air fare from the Saturday night stay.

Hotel Cost Offset

In the course of normal business travel where a hotel stay is required, you can expense up to $50 per gift given to a friend/family in lieu of hotel cost. A receipt is required.

Internet Fees

Internet fees are reimbursable if required for essential business use. Those with smart phones can tether to the smart phone and access the Internet.


Clothing purchased on a business trip is not reimbursable.


Laundry and dry cleaning expenses are not reimbursable for trips less than five days.

Preferred Airlines for U.S. Travelers

American, Delta and Southwest Airlines are the preferred airlines.

Preferred Airlines for Canadian Travelers

Use Air Canada and WestJet for most domestic travel and compare prices with American and Delta when flying outside Canada.


We know travel is complex and sometimes general policy rules don’t fit every situation. If this happens to you, let your General Manager/VP know, and they will determine if an exception is warranted.

Use Sonoco Travel Information as your jump off point for all things travel within Sonoco. There are many training tools, documents and contact information on this travel web page, so start here first.  While we have tried to provide sufficient information here, this is only a summary. For more travel policy details, review Sonoco’s Travel Expense Policy. In the event of a conflict between this webpage and any other travel policies found elsewhere, this information prevails.

Questions about this information?  Email TRIP@sonoco.com


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