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Protective Packaging

Secure Your Valuables

Prevent costly damages to your merchandise with our protective packaging.

Our custom protective packaging cushions a multitude of consumer and industrial products during shipment and storage.

We work with customers in most manufactured industry sectors—including tech, consumer electronics, automotive, appliances, pharmaceutical and medical—to design the perfect protective packaging solution to get your products safely to their destination.

Molded Foam

Molded foam's excellent cushioning capabilities and its ability to protect complex shapes make it one of the most economical ways to protect medium to high volume products. We currently have a wide variety of foams available to meet the specific requirements of your application, including the new EcoSix recycled EPS foam from Rapac. Our R&D team is continually developing and evaluating new foam materials to add to our portfolio. Learn More

Corrugated Products

Corrugated paperboard is a versatile packaging material that can be effectively designed to meet many customer requirements. Corrugated paperboard is an excellent choice for many applications, on its own or integrated with other materials, such as fabricated foam, wood, molded foam or thermoformed plastics. We offer both traditional and plasticized corrugated materials. Learn More

Wine Shippers

Protect your fragile wine bottles during transit with our unique foam wine shipper packs, now made with EcoSix recycled foam. Our unique molded shipper design firmly supports bottles and minimizes container size to reduce shipping costs. Our wine shippers come in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet your specific needs, whether you're shipping one  bottle or an entire case. Learn More


Our Firma line of pallets is designed to be lighter and cleaner than traditional pallets, decreasing freight costs and reducing the potential for workplace injuries and debris. Learn More

Sonopost® and Sonobase™

Packaging technologies designed using a total systems approach that creates secure product protection and increases operational efficiencies. Learn More

Fabricated Foam

Fabricated Foam helps to reduce turnaround time when shipping low to medium volumes, and help expedite redesigns on evolving product lines. Learn More