Welcome to Sonoco Supplier Enablement

At Sonoco, we are committed to creating and maintaining a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship with our Suppliers. Continuously looking for innovative solutions to connect and develop new partnerships, Sonoco has adopted Coupa, a SaaS spend management tool.

Coupa is Sonoco’s global business spend management provider and where all Sonoco Suppliers enroll to do business with Sonoco through the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP). The Coupa Supplier Portal also provides 24/7 visibility and access to Sonoco Indirect purchase orders, invoices, catalog creations and delivery methods and notices.

Thank you for becoming a valued Sonoco Supplier and we look forward to doing business with you. 

Greg Munoz
VP, Global Supply Management, Sonoco Products Company

Download Sonoco Announcement: Welcome to Coupa

Supplier Onboarding

Sonoco Has Adopted Coupa!

Already have a contact here at Sonoco? Suppliers that are being onboarded with Sonoco will receive an email via Coupa to provide the information needed to start doing business with Sonoco! Download our welcome letter to learn more about getting started with Coupa.

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Sonoco's Coupa Resources

  • Supplier Onboarding

    Supplier Onboarding

    Indirect and Direct Suppliers

    Sonoco's indirect material Suppliers are providing the Company with materials or services that are needed in the overall manufacturing process but are not integrated Into the final product. Suppliers within this classification will be issued Purchase Orders from Coupa.

    Direct material Suppliers will receive Purchase Orders from an ERP system, coordinated with their Sonoco Contact. However, both Indirect and direct Suppliers will onboard in Coupa.

  • Coupa Supplier Portal

    Coupa Supplier Portal

    The Coupa Success Portal has great resources to help meet Suppliers' needs. Articles and videos from Coupa include topics such as:

    • Orders
    • Invoicing
    • Catalogs
    • Payment Preferences

    Coupa Supplier Portal