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Solutions Across Industries

Our team of experts follows the trends across industries, and we have packaging solutions to serve a wide range of markets and customers. Reach out to discuss your needs.

Packaging Markets

Beauty & Personal Care

Enhance the shelf appeal of your personal care packaging, stand out from the competition and meet your brand’s sustainability goals with Sonoco.

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For more than 50 years, contractors around the world have relied on the Sonotube® brand of fiber forms for cost-effective column form setting.

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Electronics & Appliances

We offer extra protection for electronic products—accounting for g-force, vibration and impact while meeting your packing and unpacking needs.

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Food & Powdered Beverage

We offer solutions for all types of food and beverage packaging—from paperboard to renewable fiber to flexible plastic. 

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We offer temperature assurance packaging, clean rooms certified to package Class 3 medical device and displays for over-the-counter solutions. 

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Sonoco provides expertise in household products like tissues, towels and pet food. Trust our packaging to serve your customers' needs around the house.

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We've served the textile industry for over 115 years, delivering packaging for carpet, yarn, cloth, draw-textured yarn and fiber.

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Connect with Sonoco

Whether for the home, a construction site or a factory floor, Sonoco provides functional, high-quality packaging solutions that help you stand out among the competition.