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EPH Void Former

EPH panels meet an essential construction need and create a void beneath slabs and separating ground beams. Get in touch with us and find your solution today.

EPH Void Former

Dependable Technology

Sonoco’s expanded paper honeycomb (EPH) void former is constructed from cardboard, with a honeycomb cellular core. The EPH panel will eventually break down, creating a void beneath slabs or beams.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Standard panel size: 2400mm x 800mm
  • Depths: 50mm-300mm
  • Each panel is 1.92 square meters
  • Custom sizing available

Outstanding Strength

The EPH void former will retain its strength to hold reinforcements and wet concrete until the concrete gains sufficient strength to be self-supporting.

While it is capable of taking high load capacity when dry, be aware that ground and atmospheric moisture conditions are critical to the successful use of this product, and it must only be used in dry conditions.

Usage Recommendations: 

  • Each EPH panel can be supplied wrapped in plastic to help with weather protection, but they are not weatherproof and must be stored in a dry place.
  • Tarpaulin covers are recommended and need to be laid to allow adequate ventilation.
  • Minimum ground clearance during storage is 100mm, and supports should be run along the length of the panels.

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