Going green is good for business.

Today, we operate more than 40 recycling facilities globally and help more than 15,000 retailers, manufacturers and communities save money, save resources and create clean, renewable energy.

Whether you’re trying to divert more waste from landfills, shrink your environmental footprint or create new revenue streams, we can help. Our teams work to understand your specific needs and goals, tailoring solutions that add real and lasting value to your business and community.

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Recycling Facilities

Sonoco Recycling Locations

With over 40 processing facilities throughout the US and Europe, it's convenient to work with Sonoco for your national and regional recycling needs.

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Our Process

  • Learning & Discovery

    Learning & Discovery

    We always begin with a holistic review of your company's or community’s existing waste management practices to ensure we design solutions based on where you are—and where you’d like to go.

    First, we make a thorough assessment of your existing raw materials and processes to gather data and gain understanding.

  • Setting Goals

    Setting Goals

    Together, we'll discuss your goals—everything from corporate sustainability and landfill free initiatives to new revenue streams.

  • Defining Opportunities

    Defining Opportunities

    Armed with the insight gained in your assessment, we’ll help identify opportunities to streamline your processes or transform used materials into new revenue streams.

  • Crafting Custom Solutions

    Crafting Custom Solutions

    With your specific needs and goals as a guide, we custom build recycling solutions that drive efficiencies and sustainability and create enduring value.

  • Supporting & Measuring Success

    Supporting & Measuring Success

    We provide instantly-updated reports to help you track profits and savings.

    And you'll receive responsive, friendly customer service to meet your changing needs and help ensure long-term success.

Recycling Education

Recycling Resources for Students and Communities

When you learn about recycling, you’re learning how to make the world better now and forever.

As part of our mission to change the way people, companies and communities think about recycling, we actively share our ever-expanding knowledge and resources with teachers, students, homeowners, businesses and municipalities.

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Our Commitment to Sustainable Business Practices

Taking a holistic approach to sustainability yields environmental benefits and gives Sonoco Recycling a competitive edge. We’re both a producer of sustainable packaging and part of the recycling supply chain that gives those items a second life.

Knowing the ins and outs of a package's life cycle helps us help you reach environmental and business goals.

Sonoco's Sustainability Story

Recycling Solutions

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