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Improve Your Tissue Converting Operations with Market-Leading Talent and Technology

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Core winding is vital to your tissue converting operations. Yet, it’s often not a primary focus. When entry-level employees execute this key function, the lack of dedicated, knowledgeable resources may put your productivity at risk. That’s why Sonoco invests in the world’s most experienced team to support tissue and towel operations and equipment: 

Boost Your Productivity with Our Expertise and Know-How 

Around Sonoco, we consider our team of technical experts as the ‘secret sauce’ to our success in the market. John Rossetti is one of our team's technical experts. Leading companies in the tissue and towel market see John as the technical resource and his work as the best of the best. With 27 years of specialized knowledge, John provides extensive experience in manufacturing, engineering, quality, materials management, technical services, product development and sales.

After completing a bachelor’s in electrical engineering with an option in business administration, John gained experience from the market leader—then U.S. Paper Mills before acquired by Sonoco in 2001. Since 1997, he’s helped customers make the best use of products in their tissue converting operations in the following ways:

  • Training core winder operators. 
  • Selecting corestock products for specific applications. 
  • Optimizing spiral tube winders through set-up improvements, designing and implementing equipment modifications.

John is part of our dedicated team that’s ready to help you make core winding simpler and more reliable. 

Test Before You Invest in Designs, Configurations and Machinery 

Our one-of-a-kind core winding simulator enables Sonoco customers to test different core configurations and designs prior to making any changes in plants or starting a new paper machine.  

Located in the Sonoco Core Research and Engineering Zone (called the SCORE zone), this proprietary-specific equipment enables our customers to:

  1. Improve functionality and fitness for use without using production machinery for research and development.
  2. Mitigate winding process challenges before adjusting machinery or beginning core winding.
  3. Fabricate sample cores without interrupting production schedules.
  4. Test different configurations or designs with the help of a leading provider of cores to the paper industry.

With the ability to test different core configurations and designs prior to making changes in your own plant, you can confidently make informed decisions, mitigate downtime and ensure success.  

Reliably operate your own equipment, knowing our in-house experts are ready to help you increase production. Troubleshooting, machine audits, optimization or operation training—our dedicated technical and sales teams have the know-how and technology to support your core winding production. Learn how Sonoco can help your tissue or towel operations here