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We are a company with more than 20 years of experience in design, production and packaging solutions. We are committed to continuous improvement, thus developing high-quality packaging solutions with the best cost-benefit ratio. The Sonoco Guadalajara Plant offers Packaging Solutions for its customers through integrated materials. Some of these solutions include foam cushions (Polyethylene, Polyurethane, Polyestyrene, Polyproylene, Arcel), corrugated boxes, wood and bags. All of these items serve the purpose of eliminating product damage. 

The recently acquired ISO certification guarantees the uniformity of our products, from concept to design and throughout the entire production process. Each product goes through a formal quality filter, inlcuding active participation, effective identification of risks and preventive/corrective actions. This certification ensures that all products are in compliance with quality requirements and production efficiency, all while keeping the customer’s voice in mind. 

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Solve Complex Challenges through Innovative Design

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So, What Does the ISO 9001:2015 Mean?

This certification endorses the formalization and standardization of our quality management system in accordance with the international regulation ISO 9001:2015. These regulations guarantee the development of more solid and reliable products which in turn increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. Through the culture of continuous improvement, driven by committed employees, productivity increases and costs are reduced. 

This certification was obtained with the objective of creating confidence in our customers, employees and interested parties through an external regulatory agency. Obtaining this certification required planning, documentation, implementation and finally the certification – we are incredibly proud of the team in Guadalajara for this great accomplishment! 

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  • Illustration of carton box design.

    Carton Box Design

    This design sheet contains parts pieces and dimensions related to the carton box design.
    Download the Design Sheet
  • Sonobox Integrated Folding Packaging

    Sonobox is an integrated package, exclusive to Sonoco. It is an excellent option for logistics and stacking protection in various industry sectors.
    Download the Design Sheet
  • Illustration of foam insert design.

    Foam Inserts Design

    This design sheet contains parts, pieces, and assembly instructions related to foam inserts for protective packaging.
    Download the Design Sheet
  • Detailed drawing of foam end caps design

    Foam End Caps Design

    This design sheet contains parts, pieces, and assembly instructions related to foam end caps for protective packaging.
    Download the Design Sheet
  • Detailed illustration of mirrored foam end cap design

    Mirrored Foam End Caps Design

    This design sheet contains parts, pieces, and assembly instructions related to mirrored foam end caps for protective packaging.
    Download the Design Sheet

What do employees have to say?

“Now we have more document control, and it is easier to track the product throughout the whole process.” 

—Manuel H., Guadalajara MX 


What do customers have to say?

“Excellent service, quick response, unmatched attention and the cost reflects each products’ excellent quality.”

Satisfied Customer 

More About Us

  • Products

    Sonoco Guadalajara offers a wide range of packaging alternatives accommodating customer’s needs. 
  • Consulting

    Sonoco Guadalajara has a design and sales team to help analyze and develop the best packaging proposal for our customers.
  • Vision

    Sonoco Guadalajara is an innovative company focused on continuos improvement, increasing it presence and leadership in the industry and providing high quality products.
  • Quality

    Sonoco’s quality policy states that the quality of products and services quality at Sonoco is what sets us apart. This is achieved through by continously improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System and Critical to Quality Focus Areas.

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