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  • Custom Assemblies for Packaging

    One size doesn't always fit all. Sometimes the best solutions are a combination of ideas and materials.
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  • Closeup on white foam packing material

    Foam Packaging

    Foam's excellent cushioning capabilities and ability to protect complex shapes make it an economical ways to protect medium to high volume products.
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  • The shell of a car on a factory floor

    Molded Foam Components

    Molded foam components are molded foam products that serve as a permanent part of the finished product throughout its useful life.
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  • Long paper-based packing elements

    Corner Posts

    Our proprietary Sonopost® are made from 100% recycled paper and can be custom designed to protect your product.
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  • Man holding plastic containers

    Blister Packaging

    Our custom thermoformed blister packaging and printed package designs offer packaging solutions that promote your brand and increase sales.
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Award-Winning Packaging Solutions

Electronics and technology products can require higher-level protection against g-forces, vibration and impact—all while meeting unique packing and unpacking needs. Our solutions have been proven to prevent damage, reduce total costs, and help get your products safely to their destination.

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