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Pet Care

Your customer's pets come in all shapes, sizes, colors and abilities. Fortunately, so does our packaging.


Conscientious pet owners want what’s best for their pets, and so do we!

One of the newest members of our EnviroSense™ family of sustainable packaging, the EcoSeal® can provides the strength and performance of Sonoco’s traditional paper container, with the added feature of a customizable paper bottom. The EcoSeal® can is also eligible for How2Recycle® “Check Locally” labeling, which is great for your brand and your customers. A project of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition® (SPC), How2Recycle is a standardized labeling system to ensure packaging clearly communicates recycling instructions to the public in accordance with Federal Trade Commission Green Guides. Offering speed-to-market, with a low capital investment, our EcoSeal® container is perfect for short-run initiatives—like holiday promotions, new product trials and small SKUs. Suited to dry treats and kibble, the EcoSeal® container compliments premium and wholesome brands through the use of recycled fiber and cutting edge graphics abilities. 

Info Sheet

ClearGuard™ for Dry Food and Treats

Introducing Sonoco’s ClearGuard™ portfolio of clear packaging options, bringing transparency to consumers while providing best-in-class barrier properties to keep dry pet food and treats fresh. ClearGuard structures have been proven to meet and exceed shelf life requirements, ideally suited for dry kibble and pet treats, while remaining cost-effective -- clearly the best value in product protection.

Retort cups deliver exceptional barrier performance and brand visibility

Pet parents are looking for products and packaging that communicate trust and offer convenience. Our new retort cups utilize multi-layer, high barrier structures for shelf stable and HPP processing environments. In addition, the cups can be designed with multiple compartments, along with clear, or foil lidding options. Perforated and easy-open features are also available.

Speed to market with TEMPO™ Accelerated Shelf-Life Modeling

In a competitive marketplace, your speed-to-market can mean the difference between success and failure. Time is of the essence and efficient shelf-life testing is crucial. As a catalyst to make the most of physical shelf-life testing for dry or semi-moist pet treats, TEMPO accelerated shelf life modeling is a fast, cost-effective method to determine the unique barrier needs of a particular product in various environments, reducing testing time by as much as 80%, increasing your speed-of-innovation and speed-to-market.

Products We Offer

Retort Pouch

Ideal for introducing a new addition to your portfolio, or simply refreshing a mainstay product,our opaque or clear retort pouches allow you to add custom windows or high end decoration, which adds another reason for pet parents to give your brand a second look and reinforces their trust in your brand.

Clear Retort Lidding

Take your retort cups to the next level with our roll fed, clear lidding option. With reliable performance in operations and a clearly unique presentation for consumers, this revolutionary package delivers transparency, convenience and a clear reason for pet owners to choose your brand, making it a clear winner.

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