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Fiber Cartridges

With options for a variety of applications, fiber tube cartridges provide maximum flexibility and efficiency for the construction industry.

Durable, spiral-wound fiber tube cartridges offer a full range of stock and custom sizes, spout, tips and plunger options for each unique application. State-of-the-art manufacturing processes and high-quality components meet the highest standards for product integrity, durability and economy. 

Versatile and Economical Fiber Tube Containers

Used for caulk, grease, adhesive, sealant and other urethane-, silicone- and solvent-containing compounds; these paper-derived tubes are made with 100% recycled fiber and offer an environmentally responsible packaging solution.  

Typical Applications: Sealants, Adhesives, Lubricants/Grease

Fiber Cartridge Options

  • Fiber Tube Labels
  • Fiber Tube Liners
  • Fiber Tube Components
  • Standard Sizes and Sealing

Fiber Tube Labels

Labels are available with both printed and plain white finishes. These labels are integrated into the fiber cartridge structure as it is wound, eliminating the risk of separation. 

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Sonoco's fiber cartridges are made with 100% recycled fiber paperboard, 90% of which is post-consumer, providing an environmentally responsible option for paper caulk tube packaging. 

Fiber Cartridge Containers

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