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Plastic Cartridges

Highly durable, colorfully designed plastic tube cartridges are customized to your product and aesthetic requirements.

Extrusion, injection, and spin welded technologies are utilized to produce Sonoco's plastic caulk tubes. This provides a unique look to distinguish your products on the retail shelf. Sonoco is home to the largest portfolio of plastic solutions for adhesives, sealants, and caulking.   

Premium Plastic Tube Containers

Plastic cartridges provide exceptional moisture and puncture resistance while offering the flexibility needed for controlled dispensing and flow. Plastic caulk tubes are an ideal choice for brand and consumer appeal.

Typical Applications: Latex Sealants, Silicone Sealants, Grease/Lubricants, Acrylic

Plastic Cartridge Options

  • Plastic Tube Seals
  • Plastic Tube Label Printing
  • Standard Sizes and Spout Color Options

Plastic Tube Seals

Plastic spout tops are welded onto the cartridge body. A poly/foil membrane is heat-sealed into the inside base of the spout, while injection molded plastic plungers ensure an airtight fit after filling and assembly.

Explore Your Options

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