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EcoTect® Whitepaper

The value of EcoTect® packaging board to showcase a natural product

Food packaging serves to contain and protect food products, of course, but its role doesn’t end there. Packaging for premium natural foods is also an opportunity to communicate key factors, including quality, consumer values, and trust.

Natural and Organic: Key Growth Areas

As consumers place increasing value on natural and organic products, manufacturers and retailers are seeing unprecedented growth in premium brand sales.

Since the USDA set formal standards for organic foods, the market has taken off, posting growth of 10% or more each year for most years since 2000.

Communicating Consumer Values through Packaging

Consumers are increasingly willing to spend more if they are convinced that a premium product provides a unique advantage. Smart packaging solutions are a good way to help your premium brand distinguish itself from the rest.

Food packaging serves many purposes for brands: in addition to protecting food, it's also an opportunity to communicate key consumer demands like quality, values, and trust.

Research Data

Putting EcoTect Board to the Test

With natural and organic foods on the rise, Sonoco has developed new packaging substrates to help premium food brands better market their products. Among our most recent packaging innovations is EcoTect® packaging board, an uncoated recycled board (URB) that offers key features to help your natural and organic products stand out from competing brands. With a distinctive natural look, EcoTect paperboard is designed to get noticed.

Sonoco collaborated with Clemson University to study consumer responses to EcoTect URB by collecting eye tracking data as well as survey response data from 60 participants. Performed in Clemson’s CUshop™, the study evaluated consumer perceptions of the EcoTect substrate, as well as its performance in a simulated retail grocery setting.

Focus Group Feedback

Stand Out From the Crowd

“The kraft (brown) look contributes to the idea that this is organic and a green product. The package feels recyclable and stands out.”

White Paper

The Natural Choice

Understanding consumer preferences related to natural products and natural-looking packaging is crucial for the future of many brands. 

Download our whitepaper to learn more about how to capitalize on this growing trend, and how Sonoco's EcoTect® packaging board can help.