SonoBond Adhesives

With over a century of R&D experience adhering paper fibers, Sonoco partners with some of the world’s leading brands to provide superior quality bonding solutions. Our experience offers you ready access to productivity gains and many other benefits. You also get a single source paper and adhesives supplier to help you solve problems today and succeed tomorrow.

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  • Case and Carton Sealing

    Case and Carton Sealing

    Sonoco understands that every box- and carton-making process can have variables that affect your production, so we always consider those factors when formulating a bonding solution for your point of purchase display. 

    Instead of working to get the attention of a volume driven adhesives vendor, you gain quick access to Sonoco technology, such as machinery and paper manufacturing, paper converting and packaging development and testing.

    Such depth and breadth of expertise results in total cost reductions, peace-of-mind and the insights of a company dedicated to creating higher performing adhesives. 

  • Rigid Paper Containers

    Composite Can

    Our unmatched expertise has helped us develop a wide variety of liquid polymer-based adhesives, as well as custom formulations to meet individual customer process needs. 

  • Tube & Core

    Tube & Core

    Our first-hand knowledge of tube and core manufacturing includes more than a century of winding experience. Learn what it’s like to find an adhesives supplier you’ll want to stick with for the long term. 

  • Edge and Corner Protection

    Protective Packaging

    Though similar to tube and core production, making edge and corner protection offers challenges of its own. Sonoco offers both dry blends and liquid-based adhesives with a cost-effective approach to match performance with your price and budget considerations.