Increase Efficiency While Reducing Environmental Impacts

Easier to nest and stack, the lightweight all-paper blister package uses less material than thermoformed plastic blisters and allows more packages per truckload, helping to reduce shipping costs and decrease your environmental footprint.

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Key Attributes

• Improved seal quality
• Superior product protection
• Increased handling speed
• Recyclable
• Easier nesting and stacking
• More packages per truckload
• Reduced shipping costs
• Long-term price stability
• Runs on existing Sonoco Alloyd heat sealing machinery

Protecting Products – and the Planet

PaperBlister packaging is the latest addition to Sonoco’s growing assortment of EnviroSense® packaging solutions. Designed with tomorrow in mind, EnviroSense packaging is purposefully engineered to deliver a host of earth conscious attributes including recyclability, recycled content, reusability, compostability, packaging optimization, bio-based content and responsible fiber sourcing.

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  • A Cut Above

    PaperBlister packaging increases the amount of space available for graphics, promotional messaging, product instructions, safety information and unique die-cut windows. Die-cut windows give consumers an advance look at the actual product (versus relying on a picture), allowing them to verify the product’s authenticity and establish an immediate sense of trust. The use of more creative and strategically placed die-cut windows is allowing manufacturers to highlight their products in new and interesting ways.

  • Seeing is Believing

    With a die-cut window on the front of your product’s PaperBlister packaging, consumers can start appreciating your product’s value immediately. In fact, studies show that windowpane cutouts have a favorable impact on product choice, trustworthiness and sales. According to Mintel, die-cut windows draw curiosity and attention and allow consumers to become more familiar with your product. Some companies (e.g., cosmetics) use die-cut windows to give their products a more premium look. Others use them to help establish a unique brand identity. What’s more, giving consumers an up-close and personal look at your products can simplify the decision-making process, resulting in faster sales.

Additional Resources

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    Want to know more? Download the PaperBlister technical datasheet to find out how easy making the switch to 100% paper packaging can be!
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Paper Blister/Plastic Blister Comparison Chart

Paper blister chart
*Carousel, SL and non-Aergo machines require evaluation prior to retrofitting.

Download the PaperBlister Technical Data Sheet

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