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Magnetic Attraction. Golden Opportunity.

The rigid paperboard container. Accepted in the U.S. steel stream. Creates a new opportunity stream.

Don’t let this opportunity go to waste.

Recyclable. Marketable. Valuable.

What if there was a highly recyclable product on the market today, that has attractive post-recycling value, but is dramatically under-recycled? There is, and this is it, the rigid paperboard container.

There’s a good chance you or your family members have enjoyed a product from this container at some point. We produce around 4 billion of these containers in the U.S. each year. This package has been around for decades. It’s a consumer favorite. Packaged goods companies choose it for a wide range of products. And we’re pretty happy with it ourselves.

What we’re not happy with is its rate of recycling. Most, if not every rigid paper container we make is recyclable, but they are not being recycled. Their structure, which includes a paper body and metal ends, is designed to go through the sorting process at a MRF, where magnets capture the product and it can then go into the steel stream.

We’d like to talk more about how we could work together and make rigid paper container recycling more widespread, and therefore more valuable to you and your customers.


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