Stand Out On the Shelf

Make your product stand out on the shelf by selecting an end or closure from Sonoco’s comprehensive selection of EZOs, sanitary ends, and threaded rings and lids.

Choose the right cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for your product from our full range of steel, aluminum, and peelable membrane opening systems for metal, rigid paper, and plastic packaging. Our experts have a portfolio of sizes, shapes, and styles to meet your needs.

Top-To-Bottom Quality

A wide range of top membranes and easy-open ends, as well as steel bottoms, means you can customize your can based on your brands' functional and aesthetic needs. Select based on desired opening strength, ability to emboss, printability...We've got a variety of ends for a variety of applications, across a wide range of markets. What's more, all of our ends are available in non-BPA (BPA-NIA) format.

  • Easy-Open, Rigid Aluminum Ends

    Easy-Open, Rigid Aluminum Ends

    With an easy ring-pull and built in safety measures, our SafeRim® and Safety Shield® easy-open ends provide a clean, fumble-free opening experience and protection from sharp edges. 

    Technical Specifications

    • 201/50mm

    • 211/65mm

    • 211 Childproof/65mm

    • 300 Saferim/73mm

    • 300 Safety Shield/73mm

    • 401 Saferim/99mm

    • 401 Safety Shield/99mm

    • 502 Saferim/127mm
  • Peelable Membrane Closures

    Peelable Membrane Closures

    Our wide range of peelable membranes have one thing in common: they're easy to peel and safe to open. Choose from a variety of looks and textures, from our safest paper-surfaced Softpeel® membrane (available white or printed with your logo), to our smooth Ultraseal(R) ends--also available valved for faster de-gassing in the coffee segment--to our waffle-print Sealed-Safe end. Ask us how you can customize through printing, embossing, or adding color.

    Available in 401/99mm and 502/127mm diameters.


    Download Our SoftPeel® Brochure

  • Metal and Paper Bottoms

    Metal and Paper Bottoms

    Don't forget the bottom! Sonoco now offers both steel bottoms and paperboard bottoms, thanks to the addition of our EcoSeal® paper bottom line. 

  • Dosing and Dispensing Options

    Dosing and Dispensing Options

    We offer many solutions to easily dispense your product. Our aluminum partial pour and pour spout ends bring grease and oil consumers convenience in their garages, bays and driveways.

    Select from 211 or 401 diameters. We also offer D-shaped membrane rings for leveling built into the top end, and shakertop aluminum ends for the baking and cleaning markets.

  • Standard and Sanitary Ends

    Standard and Sanitary Ends

    As one of the largest food can and sanitary end manufacturers in North America, Sonoco offers a variety of metal end solutions, as well as innovative features that help you differentiate your product.

    As with all our can services, our sanitary ends are accompanied by technical support from our highly skilled and responsive seamer service team. And our metal printing is handled by a state-of-the-art, fully automatic MetalStar 3 printer, enhancing the accuracy and colors of your designs.

    • Embossing and lithography capabilities

    • Sizes from 202 – 603

    • 100% recyclable

    Image of can ends

Development & Testing

To better serve you, we continuously improve our development and testing capabilities while maintaining a global distribution network supported by four manufacturing sites in the United States. Contact our technical experts today to discover which convenience closure is right for your product and customers.

Markets We Serve

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    A global supplier of infant formula and baby/toddler food packaging to many major CPG's, Sonoco helps brands communicate reliability and quality.
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    Adhesives & Coatings

    Our products benefit from 70+ years of technical expertise and industry experience in adhesive and coating science and chemistry.
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