Barrier Properties

EnviroFlex® PE offers a range of barrier solutions, from overwraps for general purpose and hygiene, to shelf stable applications with high oxygen, moisture and grease barrier requirements. EnviroFlex® products do not contain substances of concern.

Enviroflex PE stand up pouch


EnviroFlex® PE is available as converted rollstock or pre-made pouch. Our capabilities include package types that include package types such as flow wraps, sachets, pillow bags.

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Enviroflex PE pouch

Clarity & Strength

Mono-material EnviroFlex® PE leverages the transparency, toughness, and performance of polyethylene film while also providing the sustainability benefit of a store-drop-off recyclable structures, where facilities exist.

Enviroflex PE flow wrap

On-Pack Claims

EnviroFlex® PE was designed with recyclability in mind and has been pre-qualified to carry the plastic, store-drop-off How2Recycle® label in North America. See examples and note that on-product label may vary based on final application and local availability of recycling resources.


Sonoco offers standard and advanced flexographic as well as rotogravure printing for high-speed, high-quality output. For cost-effective, efficient printing, even when runs are smaller, we specialize in pre-press services and combo printing to make the most out of every impression.

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Enviroflex PE film roll

EnviroFlex® PCR

For multi-layer applications requiring extra durability or barrier performance, end of-life recycling options remain out of reach. As we wait while the global recycling infrastructure improves, the best way to achieve sustainability attributes today is to add renewable or recycled raw materials into the manufacturing process.

EnviroFlex® PCR is a high-barrier, high durability film that is made with post-consumer recycled content secured from both mechanical and advanced recycling operations.

  • Available as a premade pouch or rollstock
  • Ideal for coffee, pet foods, or other items requiring enhanced pouch performance

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Enviroflex PCR wrap and pouch

EnviroFlex® Paper

EnviroFlex® Paper provides a flexible packaging alternative made primarily of paper that was designed for recycling. Available with barrier properties and in various weights, EnviroFlex® Paper is ideal for packaging formats such as flow wrap, sachets and pillow bags. 

  • EnviroFlex® Paper has been pre-qualified in North America to carry the “widely recycled” How2Recycle® label indicating curbside recyclability (where available) 
  • Suitable for various food and non-food applications including: cookies, crackers, snacks, confections, dry/dehydrated foods & mixes, pet treats, personal care items and more 
  • Advances sustainability goals with significant plastic reduction and curbside recyclability 
  • Barrier solutions available and made without chemicals of concern

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Enviroflex paper pouches and wrap

Markets That Can Benefit from EnviroFlex® PE

  • Woman playing with her cat

    Pet Care

    Choose from a wide variety of packaging specifically for the pet care market—from pouches to flexible packaging and retail-ready paper containers.
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  • Food & Powdered Beverage

    We offer solutions for all types of food and beverage packaging—from paperboard to renewable fiber to flexible plastic.
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  • Dried bananas, raisins, nuts, and other snacks mixed together

    Snacks & Confections

    Whether you’re packing chips or nuts, cookies or candy, trail mix or cereal, our packaging can be tailored to fit your product and process.
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EnviroFlex® PE

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