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Innovative, Sustainable Packaging from Sonoco

Introducing Sonoco's EcoSeal® Paper-Bottom Can

The newest member of our EnviroSense ™ family of sustainable packaging, EcoSeal® supplies customers with the strength and performance of Sonoco’s traditional paperboard container, while adding a customizable paper bottom. Sonoco’s EcoSeal® paper-bottom can was recently awarded the How2Recycle®’s (H2R) “Check Locally Recyclable” status. Check Locally is one of the How2Recycle labels, designed to reduce confusion by creating a clear and nationally harmonized labelling program that enables companies to convey how to recycle a package. More than 20% of material recovery facilities recognize the label. How2Recycle also increases the availability and quality of recycled material. Offering speed-to-market, with a low capital investment, our EcoSeal® container is perfect for short-run initiatives—like holiday promotions, new product trials and small SKU’s.