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Sonoco encourages engaging and positive conversation and ask that all of our community followers and participants treat each other with respect at all times. While followers or community members may disagree with an idea, comment or question, we do not tolerate any form of harassment, insults or threats, as well as any comments that are inappropriate, offensive, profane, inflammatory, culturally, racially or socially insensitive, disruptive, or defamatory. We ask that all participants in our social community keep comments and messages relevant and appropriate to the conversation.

Sonoco maintains the right to delete (to the full extent that each respective social media platform allows) any post or comment that we believe violates these guidelines or that, in our sole discretion, we consider to be otherwise objectionable, disruptive, misleading, inappropriate, threatening or that infringes on any intellectual property or any rights of others.

We also ask that as a member of our community, you understand that comments and responses not posted directly from our page, come from members of the public. These comments are sometimes in nature in the form of opinions and statements, and do not necessarily reflect the view of Sonoco, the social media site or its owner(s) and are the responsibility of the individual posting them.

Sonoco also reserves the right to block or remove from our pages, anyone who repeatedly violates these community guidelines, and our community managers may not discuss or respond to comments regarding sensitive information. We also reserve the right to escalate any comment or responses to either HR or Law Enforcement should the content include anything related to criminal activity, labor or employer relations, fraud or safety of the public or an individual.