Markets We Serve

  • Paper roll on a machine

    Paper Mill Cores

    Sonoco offers a line of products and services for printing and writing, newsprint, tissue, paperboard, pulp, nonwoven and specialty grades of paper.
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  • Dozens of spools of thread, of various colors, sitting together


    We've served the textile industry for over 115 years, delivering packaging for carpet, yarn, cloth, draw-textured yarn and fiber.
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  • Tubes and Cores

    Tubes and Cores

    Engineered carriers are tubes and cores made of paper, injection moulded and extruded plastic or composite materials that are used by a wide range of industries to wind and transport their products. Our facilities across Asia serve major markets like paper, film, tape and textiles.

    Custom Core Design

    We design and produce paper tubes and cores for winding labels, barcodes and fax rolls. Whatever your performance and application requirements, we can engineer a paper tubes to satisfy them. Our paper tubes and cores are also used for non-winding applications. We produce paper tubes with plastic caps for storage of posters, certificates and drawings.

    We Can Provide

    • The widest range of sizes under one roof
    • Cores with consistent internal and external outside and inside diameters, accurate lengths, straightness and roundness.
    • Core diameters from 10 mm to 1000 mm
    • Core thicknesses from 0.20 mm to 20.00 mm
    • Core lengths from 5 mm to 7000 mm
    • Inside and outside printing of paper tubes
  • Paper Mill Cores

    Paper Mill Cores

    Sonoco produces cores that meet or exceed the paper industry's most demanding requirements. We offer high-performance, high-value paper mill cores designed and manufactured for consistent performance for your operations and your customers'.

    Our cores are superior, efficient and productive when used in paper manufacturing and paper converting.

  • Film Cores

    Film Cores

    Whether you manufacture polyethylene film, where the prime performance requirement is core strength, or polyester film, where surface characteristics of the carrier are a critical variable, Sonoco has a core for your application. We design film cores that meet the needs of a wide spectrum of film producers and converters, with consistent quality and tight tolerances to prevent film damage, increase productivity and reduce overall systems costs.

    We have the capability to design film cores that withstand specific known radial strengths. Designing cores to a known radial strength can significantly reduce the frequency of crushed cores and downtime in film manufacturing operations, reducing your total system costs. Additionally, we can supply the core that best meets your waviness, straightness, cleanliness or strength requirement.

  • Tape Cores

    Tape Cores

    For rewinding adhesive tapes made of a wide variety of substrates such as PVC, kraft, OPP, and cloth, look no further than Sonoco. We provide tape cores with consistent outside and inside diameters, accurate length, straightness, roundness and quality to enhance your rewinding operations and reduce your total operation costs. We also provide in-house graphic designing and printing capabilities for branded labels, providing your products with visual impact.

  • Textile Carriers

    Textile Carriers

    Sonoco is a major supplier of yarn carriers to the textile industry. We understand the importance of yarn carrier quality and performance in the production process to prevent downtime. We are dedicated to working closely with customers, using our advanced equipment and rigorous quality control programs to ensure that our yarn carriers will have the specifications that suit your machineries and applications.

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