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We Understand Your Needs

We listen and develop a thorough understanding of our customers' requirements, expectations and business strategies to deliver the right products for their applications.

We anticipate your future market needs and continue to provide you with products that give you a competitive edge.

Technology Leadership

Sonoco is vertically integrated in engineering, technology and material science, giving us control over the product quality to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products and service excellence. Equipped with our own in-house testing and analysis facilities, Sonoco's Asia Technology Centre (ATC) is well equipped with state-of-the-art testing equipment and software.

We have developed proprietary testing equipment and procedures, ensuring that our products meet your required specifications for every application. With our research and design team, Sonoco strives to meet with each of your needs and requirements.

Quality Leadership

Sonoco's commitment to quality applies to every stage of our products, from raw materials to production, to reliable deliveries and after-sale services. Such assurance provides our customers and partners value that sets us apart from competitors. We stand by our delivery commitment: The right products, at all times, every time.

Building Partnerships

At Sonoco, we tailor multi-dimensional solutions that combine product expertise, technology, professional services and systems to improve existing products, finding new product offerings that help you and your customers meet challenges and reach best solutions to packaging demands.

We look for opportunities to combine our strengths and resources with business partners in every aspect of our business.

Cost Leadership

We are committed to pursuing ever-greater performance at the most competitive cost, and continually introduce new technologies to enhance products with the exact performance characteristics required at the lowest cost.