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Tubes & Cores

With more than 120 years of experience in tubes and cores, including more than 65 in Australia, we are now the world's leading provider of total converting solutions for customers around the globe.

Optimize Your Supply Chain

We understand the unique needs of virtually any market that uses tubes and cores. With 120 years in tubes and cores and a deep understanding of the industry, Sonoco is in the right place to support your operation. Our nine industrial tube and core manufacturing locations in Australia and New Zealand are equipped to satisfy your particular needs across a variety of markets.

Benefits of Partnering with Sonoco

  • Special Australasian considerations, including Australian ID 11.5mm to 1200mm
  • Customisable wall thickness, specially tailored for your applications

Tubes & Cores Solutions

Film Cores

Film Cores

As winding speeds increase, our expertly designed cores dissipate radial pressures, protect internal diameter integrity and reduce core length movement, allowing manufacturers to improve processes and reduce costs from waste. We manufacture film cores using proprietary adhesives and high-quality paper, testing them repeatedly for dimensional consistency and strength. 


  • Improved systems costs
  • Custom surface properties
  • Designed for specific strength performance needs
  • Decreased waste

Paper Mill Cores

Paper Mill Cores

With our vast international footprint, we have access to advanced technologies in Europe and North America, putting us at the forefront of paper rewind innovation. The collaboration with our international partners gives us the ability to manufacture a far superior core than that of our competitors allowing maximum outputs from your process.


  • Higher crush resistance
  • Greater dynamic strength
  • Greater axial strength
  • Desired moisture content control
  • Tight length tolerances around the world

Textile Cores

Textile Cores

Don’t settle for markings or breakage caused by seam gaps or rough ends.

With a commitment to new products and process innovations with fiber tubes, core bobbins and spools, we have earned a reputation as the leading high-value packaging and services provider to the textile industry.

Sonoco offers a collaborative design process to streamline the customer’s core unpacking process. You can enjoy easy identification and customization with our broad range of color and printing options.


  • Optimized core strength 
  • Custom scoring, notches and grooves 
  • Dimensional stability for smooth winding 
  • Special surface finishes 

Specialty Cores

Specialty Cores

When you partner with Sonoco, you're joining our global network of knowledge and solutions. We specialize in customized solutions, especially for industries where minute differences in winding speeds, wall thicknesses, materials, and durability can make a substantial difference. 

Storage & Mailing

Storage & Mailing

Explore what we can offer your business with our total systems approach. Get in touch with us and find your solution today.

Slitting and Rewinding

Why store expensive machinery when you aren’t using it?

We can meet your specific slitting and rewinding needs with our capable facilities and experienced operators.

We are familiar with the needs of each of these markets:

  • Tube winding
  • Edge board
  • Tissue

T2 Technology Enhanced Cores

Why live with the downtime and scrap of core chewout if you don’t have to? Our new T2 technology enhanced cores protect against:

• Loss of Productivity

• High scrap

• Safety issues

• Machine downtime

• Profit loss


Recycled materials are just the start of how we’re changing the world. Every brand new Sonoco tube or core begins with recycled paper. But that’s not where our sustainability efforts stop.

From investing in machines and mills that use less water and energy to reducing our carbon footprint and helping customers recycle what they don’t use, Sonoco is holistically committed to building a better tomorrow. 

We locate our facilities strategically to not only to reduce our shipping impact, but to ensure our customers can easily return trim scrap and used cores back into the recycling stream, as well. 

Our Technology Is Your Advantage

Every tube and core solution starts with raw material. Paper. And Sonoco has been leading innovations in paper production for 120+ years.

But it’s also our people that provide a unique advantage. We have global technology teams that are 100% focused on engineering solutions unique to your market, product, and processes.

From pilot capabilities in our R&D facilities and advances in RFID integration for the 21st century supply chain to industry-first tests for torque, crush ratings and more, our commitment to technology is central to how we create new raw materials, design more innovative products, and partner with you for a better tomorrow.


Find Your Custom Solution

Let's discuss how we can meet your distinct needs and further your business goals.