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3 Female Engineers Making a Difference at Sonoco

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People have built this world-class company. Their talent, hard work and determination gave us our industry-leading reputation with an eye toward our customers’ future needs. 

Across our talented team of over 22,000, we want to acknowledge skilled female patent designers who keep pushing us toward our purpose of Better Packaging. Better Life

Sabrina Dixon-Ridges serves as our Director of Business Strategy Alignment for Global Sustainability. During her time at Sonoco, she used her engineering background to co-invent a patent with Elizabeth Rhue, VP of Global Environmental, Sustainable & Centralized Technology. 

Sabrina finds inspiration in improving designs and meeting consumer use needs. If she can enhance the function of new or existing products and processes, she’ll find a way to do so. How? She embraces problems—known or unknown. She diligently seeks solutions that are both inside and outside the box. Big or small, she knows any idea can make an impact.  

Sabrina offers this advice to other female engineers:  

Sabrina Dixon-Ridges


Allyson Smith serves as our Senior Application Manager for Flexible Packaging. During her time at Sonoco, she used her packaging design background to invent a patent.

Allyson points to her competitive spirit as her inspiration for patent designs. She aspires to find solutions to resolve particularly complicated issues and customer challenges. Considering all the possibilities, she’s learned to question everything to improve every aspect. Allyson works to focus on what could be and what she can do to make it happen, even with simple ideas.

Allyson offers three pieces of advice to female engineers:

Allyson Smith


Jeanne Skaggs serves as our Director of Business Development for Flexible Packaging. During her time at Sonoco, she used her engineering background to co-invent patents with several Sonoco colleagues. 

Jeanne’s teammates inspire her in the design process. She or a team member recognizes a unique idea, concept or prototype, and together the team can work together to refine, brainstorm and collaborate. She feels fortunate that her team can see the technical and monetary value of inventions. And as an added benefit, inventions continue to foster a culture of valuing and respecting the ‘what if’ questions. By seeing solutions as simple rather than complex, innovation can solve incremental challenges faced daily.  

Jeanne shares this advice to female engineers: 

Jeanne Skaggs


We’re grateful for how our female engineers have advanced Sonoco with their innovative thinking. Learn more about Sonoco’s culture here!