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Trust and “TransPARENTcy” for Children’s Food Brands

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We know that Millenials are a savvy generation that demands transparency from brands – from ingredients, to supply chain, to CEO communications. So it shouldn’t surprise us that as this generation has children, they expect and value a high level of transparency from brands related to their children’s food, toys, clothing and more.

In fact, a recent Label Insight study revealed that mothers age 18-34 care about brand transparency more than any other consumer demographic. They topped the charts as most willing to search for additional product information online, and to pay more for products from transparent brands (86% would pay more for a product they felt had full transparency!). Considering that this demographic wields around $200 billion in spending power, these preferences – and demands – can have a huge impact on brands.

Another study, issued by FMI, confirmed that consumers with children were more focused on transparency – placing greater emphasis on ingredients, nutrition and health benefits. And we don’t just know this from surveys – we see it play out in the news when stories of compromised products go viral. 

For instance, a few years ago, a parent squeezed the applesauce out of a pouch marketed as children’s food, and found mold inside. This made parents realize that they couldn’t actually see the food their children were consuming – and struck fear in their hearts. Although it wasn’t their product that was compromised, the apple sauce cooperative Tree Top took note, and wanted to respond to their customers’ desire for transparency in labeling and packaging. Ultimately, Sonoco’s ClearGuard clear, high-barrier film provided both the product protection Tree Top needed, and the transparency and trust that parents demanded.

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