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Unleash Your Brand's Potential: Custom Pet Packaging Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

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Our journey begins with a simple yet profound statement: our pets deserve the best.

Our furry friends are more than just pets; they're cherished members of our families. That's why at Sonoco we've made it our mission to create packaging solutions that prioritize freshness, safety, and convenience, ensuring that every meal is a moment of joy for both pets and their owners.

But our commitment doesn't end with packaging. We're deeply rooted in our community, driven by our motto "Better Packaging, Better Life." Through active volunteerism and support for our local humane society, we strive to make a meaningful impact beyond our products.

Let us take you on a journey through our material platforms for pet food and treat packaging, one meal at a time. From sustainable materials to cutting-edge designs, we'll walk you through the latest trends and innovations shaping the pet food industry. Whether you're a pet food manufacturer, or simply passionate about sustainable packaging and Sonoco, there's something here for everyone.

Packages of Pet Food Products

Two- and Three-Piece Steel Can Pet Packaging Solutions 

Sonoco specializes in two- and three-piece steel food cans. With the ability to protect from light, moisture and air, steel cans preserve the quality and freshness of wet pet food. Easy to store, and stack and open, this metal packaging can be continuously recycled.  

Ensure a quick turnaround and ready supply in your backyard with our world-class network of operations that span North America. Known for world-class packaging since 1899, our high-quality packaging experts and reliable customer service team members are ready to assist with your wet pet food packaging needs. 

Flexible Pet Packaging Solutions 

Flexible Packaging Pet food productsSonoco is a market leader that specializes in flexible packaging production for wet dog and cat food, dry pet treats, pet litter and the gamut of dry, semi-moist and wet pet food, and pet care items. As the most cost-effective format, flexible packaging provides many advantages:

With a variety of formats, Sonoco’s pouch and retort packaging customizes to fit your pet treats, litter and small animal food packaging needs. 

Rigid Paper Container Pet Packaging Solutions 

Sonoco’s EnviroCan™ rigid paper container stands out on the shelf as a specialty package for premium dry pet food, pet treats, pet supplements and boutique pet products. With a spiral-wound paperboard can structure and a resealable lid, this rigid paper container withstands external stresses during handling, transportation, and storage, while keeping products fresh.   
Incorporate a more sustainable packaging solution with Sonoco’s new EnviroCan™ with a Paper Bottom, a +90% paper can, developed as a more recyclable package that provides extended product shelf life, utilizes renewable raw materials, and is composed of high levels of recycled fiber content. 
A Preview of Sonoco’s EnviroCan™ Advantages:

  • Customization: Custom sizing & multiple closures options available for consumer convenience 
  • Barrier: Providing up to 24 months of shelf life, paper, foil and film barriers can be added to protect the contents from moisture, oxygen, grease/oil, aromas, light, gas and temperature 
  • Recyclability: Pre-Qualified How2Recycle® Check Locally 
  • Fiber Certified: Rigid paper containers are produced from materials that carry fiber certification (FSC, PEFC, SFI). 
  • Consumer Appeal: Brand Differentiation on Shelf, Engineered for Effortless Product Retrieval and Reclosing – Easy to open, close, and store 
  • Safety: Prevent ingestion issues when pets get a hold of product  

Custom Thermoformed Pet Packaging Solutions 

Sonoco’s range of custom thermoformed packaging helps pet toys, pharmaceutical pet products and point of purchase trays for pet food cans stick out on shelves. With the ability to downsize, right-size and incorporate post-consumer content, this packaging enables you to meet your sustainability goals. Experienced in converting materials, our team is ready to help you eliminate less sustainable materials like plastic and polystyrene (PS) and explore more recyclable options, like our How2Recycle pre-qualified PaperBlister™ packaging. With a wide range of packaging solutions, our team is ready to help you reach your brand's sustainability goals.

Gain high visibility at a low cost with the ability to match and print colors without using expensive Pantone® colors. With the ability to run promotional and seasonal product packaging lines, Sonoco provides high flexibility and efficiency with quicker go-to-market lead time and material and packaging processing in food-certified plants.

Sonoco and the Pet Sustainability Coalition 

As a member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition, Sonoco is committed to caring for the growing pet care industry with high-quality sustainable packaging. We’re expanding with the pet industry to create innovative recyclable packaging. With a global supply network across North America and an in-house sustainability team, our teams are ready to help support your pet product needs. 

Pet Sustainability Coalition