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Flexible Packaging

Creating innovative easy-open, re-closeable bags and specialty pouches

Flexible Packaging

Seal the relationship with your customers

Sonoco Flexibles is known for innovative easy-open, recloseable bags and specialty pouches, as well as promotional ink technologies. Our packaging design engineers and materials experts collaborate with you to differentiate your products by offering more convenient and functional packaging in a wide variety of markets. We also offer graphics management capabilities, ensuring brand consistency across the globe. Our expertise in flexible packaging enables us to save costs and materials through ply reduction and tin tie elimination, among other advantages.

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CrossSeal Technology

Our new flexible pouch with CrossSeal technology, ideal for the coffee market, seals along a side corner of the bag rather than via a traditional back seam, which results in four full panels for bright, clear graphics to help drive brand identity and product differentiation. Each seam is specially designed to maximize both ease of opening and product freshness.

Plastic Packaging

Our line of plastic packaging solutions leverages cutting-edge technology to provide a superior product

Plastic Packaging

More than 50 years ago, Sonoco was one of the first to venture into the brand new technology of injection molding. Today, we still focus on innovation, with cutting-edge in-mold labeling capabilities and 95% of our products made using custom injection molds. We offer design, prototyping, mold-making, production and assembly at locations across North America and Europe. 

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Ends & Closures

Delivering a full range of aluminum and peelable membrance opening systems

Ends & Closures

Select from Sonoco's comprehensive selection of EZOs.

  • Our innovative valved Ultraseal membrane end makes coffee containers easy to open, store and re-close while providing the manufacturing benefits of a pressure release valve.
  • Valved coffee containers can allow you to speed up fill lines, reduce production cycle time and increase overall capacity.
  • Sonoco's Ultraseal end without a valve can also be used for coffee with certain vacuum applications.

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Non-BPA Options

Sonoco, considered the industry leader in non-BPA (Bisphenol A) easy-open ends, introduced its first non-BPA closures in 2008.

Rigid Paper Containers

Round and shaped rigid paper packaging made with multiple materials offers cost advantages, supports sustainability goals and adds shelf appeal

Rigid Paper Containers

Sonoco’s rigid paper containers are manufactured with a minimum of 70% recycled fiber content, and they provide quality, freshness and reclosable packaging as a durable and lightweight container.

The high barrier liner and bottom metal closure on our cans protect the coffee’s freshness and flavor by locking out oxygen and moisture. Created especially for the coffee market, the valved, peelable foil membrane lets you pack and seal immediately after roasting, eliminating the need for extended hold times for degassing while maximizing flavor and aroma--with no vacuum necessary. To top it off, our cans are completed with a flexible plastic overcap for easy reclose and extended shelf life. And with a palette of colors to choose from, it’s easy to find the shade that fits best with your label and brand.

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