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Steel Food Cans

Consumers want more than freshness from their packaging. They want convenience, sustainability and pleasing aesthetics, too. Whether it’s fruit, vegetables, soup, meat or ready meals, Sonoco makes steel cans that check those boxes and then some.

Freshness and Convenience from Farm to Table

Sonoco manufactures two-piece and three-piece steel food cans and components across our 12 world-class manufacturing facilities in the United States. Steel food cans ensure freshness and extend shelf-life of the products they protect and remain one of the oldest food packaging formats around the globe.  Being 100% recyclable, steel food cans have the highest recycle rate of any food packaging material because of their ability to be infinitely recycled.

Reliable Metal Food Can Manufacturing Partner

For 124 years, Sonoco has provided high performance packaging for consumer and industrial goods. Our steel food cans are manufactured to the highest standards and passes rigorous testing to ensure the product is protected throughout the supply chain.  

  • Our world-class facilities across the US ensure continuity of supply for the brands we serve.  
  • Steel food cans protect the precious product our brands entrust to us with a package built to perform throughout the supply chain.  
  • Ready when you are! Sonoco offers a wide selection of stock can sizes, ranging from the standard 202 size to institutional and food service options such as the 603 size.
  • Our efficient order processing ensures quick turnaround times to meet your brand's specific requirements.

Want more food can details? Download the PDF below.

Steel Food Can Options

  • 3-Piece Welded Food Cans
  • 2-Piece D&I Food Cans
  • 2-Piece DRD Cans

3-Piece Welded Food Cans

  • Three-piece tinplate food cans available in a variety of sizes 
  • EZ Open and standard food can ends available 
  • Can be used for a wide range of applications
Image of 3-piece metal cans without closures

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