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  • Hinged container full of blueberries.

    Hinged Containers

    Our hinged containers are an industry standard, meeting international resin codes and sustainable packaging requirements of major retailers.
    Hinged Packaging
  • Produce containers with plastic film seal.

    Top Seal Lidded Containers

    Designed with a built-in flange as well as side venting is available to promote cooling, moisture management and freshness.
    Top Seal Films
  • Salad packaging with plastic film.

    Open & Reclose Systems

    Check out our SmartSeal® peel-and-reseal technology with easy-open and reclose features that allow for tamper evidence and high-impact graphics.
    Recloseable Systems
  • Plastic lidded deli containers.

    Deli Rounds

    Quality and freshness are key for foods sold refrigerated, in bulk or at salad bars. Browse our deli rounds, made from high-quality, food-safe PET.
    Food Service & Deli

Opportunities in the Fresh & Natural Market

  • Eco-Friendly Packaging

    Packaging That Protects the Planet

    Perhaps no industry has higher expectations and demands for preserving the environment than produce. Beyond sustainable farming practices, the use of sustainable packaging becomes an extension of your brand, telling shoppers about your values and priorities.

    Sustainable PET Produce Containers

    • Use a minimum of 50% recycled content. In fact, 3 recycled water bottles (16.9oz) are used for the strawberry clamshells we make.
    • We also offer recyclable labels for our clamshell packages.
    • Our PET tray and lidding options can reduce your plastic content by a minimum of 20%. And food waste could be decreased by extending shelf-life through modified atmosphere technology.

    Explore Sustainable Solutions

    EnviroSense plastic packaging.
  • On-the-Go Nutrition

    On-the-Go Nutrition Trends

    We're developing a fresh take on snack packaging for a healthy, active market. Download our white paper on recent consumer snacking trends to learn about how quickly the fresh snacking market is growing, and how you can capture attention in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

    Download Our Whitepaper

  • Graphics Management

    Graphics Management

    Managing brands on a global scale

    Your branding matters. Work with Sonoco-Trident, a global supplier of graphics and pre-media services for packaging and brand assets across all marketing channels. From pre-press to digital and creative, we help you maintain your brand integrity with global consistency.  

    Graphics & Brand Support

Packaging Solutions to Reduce Food Waste

Sonoco FRESH

Each year, the food industry loses $15.6 billion due to food spoilage at retail. Modifying packaging design to extend shelf life by even one day could recover $1.8 billion of that loss—while feeding more people and reducing waste to landfills. Sonoco and Clemson University are partnering on the Sonoco FRESH (Food Research Excellence for Safety and Health) initiative, which will develop new technologies and new forms of packaging to optimize the fresh food lifecycle.

Fresh and Natural Packaging Solutions

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