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EcoReel® Recycling

What goes around, comes back.

The EcoReel Recycling Program makes reel recycling effortless with a customized EcoReel program designed to meet your specific needs. Sonoco can help you save on the cost of disposal and landfill fees while generating reports detailing the environmental impact of your participation.

EcoReel® Recycling Program

The EcoReel Recycling Program is your best all-around choice for recycling wire and cable reels, giving you measurable savings in disposal costs and investment recovery. It's the most comprehensive, cost-effective nailed wood and polyfiber reel recycling program in the industry.

For more than 20 years, Sonoco’s EcoReel program has offered free pickup of thousands of truckloads of viable used reels. Contractors, utility companies and distributors across most of the US depend on the EcoReel service. We help them:

  • Eliminate disposal costs
  • Avoid worksite clutter
  • Fulfill a commitment to environmental stewardship
  • Support sustainable processes

After pickup, we repair, refurbish and then return the reels to circulation for reuse.

Flexibility in program design is a key success factor, so we collaborate with you to ensure success. And if you want to know the number of trees or amount of landfill space you are saving, we can provide a thorough environmental analysis to use for sustainability reports.

Download Brochure

Product Protection, Savings & Sustainability

Download the EcoReel recycling program brochure to learn more about the reel recycling process and how it can save you money.

Free Reel Recycling

Some things in life really are free. Sonoco's EcoReel Recycling Program helps you dispose of used reels, save money, and demonstrate your commitment to sustainable practices—all for free.

Sonoco will pick up your used reels to be repaired and refurbished for reuse–like the before and after image seen here.

Ready to get started? Give us a call at 1-888-ECO-REEL or email us at to learn more about this free service and arrange a pickup for your wooden and polyfiber reels and spools.

Bringing Wood and Polyfiber Reels Full Circle

  • Recycling Facility Locations
  • Recycling Guide
We'll Come to You

Recycling Facility Locations

Disposing of empty wire and cable reels from your job site has never been easier.

When your supply of empty reels nears truckload quantity, just call 1-888-ECO-REEL and arrange a pickup. Or, if your project will involve a large, ongoing supply of wire or cable, you can arrange to get regular service throughout the duration of the installation.

Sonoco Reels’ Service Centers are located near the demand for wire and cable reels, so your site is likely within the reach of our EcoReel recovery area.

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Schedule a Pickup

To arrange for Sonoco to pick up your reels, or to learn more about the EcoReel program, email us at or give us a call: