Sonotube Builder's Tube

Your projects. Poured like a pro.

These versatile and easy to use tubes are perfect for do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. From building a new deck to erecting a fence, storage shed, basketball goal or children’s swing set, you can count on Sonotube Builder’s Tube concrete forms to get the job done.

Take DIY construction projects to the next level.

  • Applications


    Use Builder's Tube to professionally form round concrete supports for projects like:

    • Pilings for homes and decks
    • Deck columns
    • Backyard play areas
    • Fences
    • Mailboxes and lamps
    • Gardens

  • Durability


    These extra-strong DIY concrete forms are made of multiple layers of high quality fiber, spiral wound and laminated with a heavy-duty adhesive. Sonotube Builder’s Tube concrete forms are built strong to withstand the heavy pressure of wet concrete.

  • Using Builder's Tubes

    Using Builder's Tubes

    Builder's tubes are designed for below-grade use, but may be poured to three feet above the ground line. They are not designed to be stripped. No bracing is needed unless used two feet above ground line. Even then, bracing requirements are minimal.

How much concrete do I need?

Bags of Concrete Needed—Four (4) Feet of Tube Height.

Concrete Forming Tube 8" DIA 10" DIA 12" DIA 16" DIA
Bags (60 lb) of concrete mix 4 5 8 13
Bags (80lb) of concrete mix 3 4 6 10


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