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Plastic Cores & Textile Carriers

Sonoco has been manufacturing high performance plastic tubes and cores for more than half a century. Building on this experience and expertise, we are now the world’s leading provider of tubes and core for the textile and film industries. 

Textile Cores that Carry the Day

In the textile industry, consistency is everything. As a trusted industry supplier since 1899, Sonoco consistently delivers textile carriers of the highest quality to the world's leading knitters and weavers. Designed to precise dimensions and durable enough to maintain superior performance if reused, Sonoco carriers remain uniform and stable under load and provide optimized surface finishes for even tension and tail control.

Perpetually in pursuit of novel ideas, innovative new products and better ways of doing things, Sonoco has earned a reputation as the industry’s leading provider of high-value plastic carriers. Our broad range of plastic cores are made according to DIN ISO 368 standards and meet manufacturer specifications for different types of machinery. Delivering superior string-up performance on both traditional and state-of-the-art winding equipment, our textile cores consistently improve string-up efficiencies to the 99 percent range.

All Sonoco textile carriers are made from the finest quality plastics and engineered for tight tolerance and high-speed winding. To further improve the efficiency of your systems, we offer a variety of custom designs, specialized printing options, grooves, notches and other surface treatments. 

Film Winding Cores for Today’s High Winding Speeds

For added strength, durability and dimensional consistency, customers rely on Sonoco’s extruded plastic cores and tubes. Our high-performance cores feature a range of surface qualities and characteristics to minimize surface markings and improve winding and unwinding characteristics. As winding speeds increase, our expertly designed cores dissipate radial pressures, protect internal diameter integrity and reduce growth of core length, helping improve manufacturing processes and reduce costs from waste.

Leading manufacturers trust the consistent, reliable performance of Sonoco’s plastic cores to protect their delicate, sensitive films. Made from durable, stable plastics including polypropylene, styrene, ethylene and ABS, our QS 2000 high-end film cores deliver a wide array of benefits including:

  • Dust-free, moisture-free performance in clean environments
  • Customer-specified lengths and winding speeds
  • Superior crush resistance
  • Excellent TIR control
  • Minimum quality variation
  • Exceptional surface smoothness
  • Reusability and reclamation

Sonoco’s plastic cores offer high-value options for packaging, protection and reuse.

Textile Carriers Product Sheets

  • Textile Cones
  • Single Head Spools
  • Rigid Dye Tubes
  • Open End Spinning Cylinders
  • Compressible Dye Springs

Enhanced Performance

Offered in both one-time and reusable designs, our textile cones are ideal for cotton, cotton blends, wool, wool blends, and man-made fibers. Learn more about our wide variety of textile cones by downloading the product sheet.

Textile Cones Product Sheet

Textile Cones.pdf (4.93 MB)

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